Indian American Heritage Foundation was started in 1987 to recognize and reward excellence among high school graduating students. In 1998, the scope was expanded to include students graduating from Junior High/Middle Schools in Southern California. The organization name was changed to Indian American Heritage Foundation which sponsors the annual awards function.

In Southern California, the program has been nurtured by the founder Inder Singh and successive teams which have been organizing the event. Besides the founder, Inder Singh, Ashok Madan have been part of the organizing team for a long time.

The current team includes Inder Singh, Ashok Madan, Abdulgani Shaikh, Deepi Singh, Kewal Kanda, Dilip Butani and Ajmer Singh and V. J. Singh.

In 1989 India-West Publications joined hands with the organization to start the program in Northern California. In 1998, Niraj Baxi tookover the leadership of this program. Two years later, the program was discontinued for lack of sponsorships.

The Foundation raised funds from some generous members from the Indian Americans who ensure the success and continuity of the annual program by providing necessary financial support.

The panel of judges, not part of the Foundation, ensures impartiality in the selection process of the winning applicants.

ourteen scholarships for students graduating from high schools and seven for middle school students graduating from middle schools are given annually to the winning applicants.

In the high school category, the top award is given by Sanjiv Chopra in memory of his father Kishan Gopal Chopra.

Award of excellence in Sports has been instituted by Jack Khangura in memory of his wife Rajinder Khangura and in Community Service by Ravi Grewal.

In the Middle school category, two Visual & Performing Arts awards are instituted by Mollie Singh of Dance with Mollie.

Six trophies have been instituted by various individuals for honoring excellence and accomplishments of graduating students.

"Profiles in Excellence" revolving trophy was instituted in 1991 for the top awardee in the High School category. This trophy is currently funded by Ashok Madan & family in memory of their parents Shri Thakar Singh Madan and Shrimati Shanti Rani Madan.

Visual & Performing Arts

Community Service by Dr. Rajesh Kadakia in memory of Maniben Manilal Kapadia

Sports revolving trophy is funded by by Dr. M.C Gupta in memory of his father Shri R B L Gupta.

Science & Technology by Dr. Mani Bhaumik in memory of the invention of numeral ZERO in India

“Founders” perpetual trophy was instituted in 1998 for the top awardee in the middle school category by late Dr. Awtar Singh. It is currently funded by his niece Sonia Batra.

These 21 awards and 6 trophies continue the rich tradition of honoring excellence and accomplishments of graduating students and, commemorate success of the winners with their names engraved on the trophies as a permanent record.

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